Mad for…Xavier

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. (Amelia Earhart)

July 30, 2019– Xavier Plascencia (pictured at the center of the photo above) is the sort of guy who does kind things because of who he is, not because he’s keeping score. He’s soft and kind hearted. He came into my life via my “adopted” big brother, Ted Stumpf, so to me, he feels like family. Genuine and bright, Xavier is a man who spreads sunshine around! We in the Thieme clan feel very fortunate to call him a dear friend!

Ted and Xavier live in California, therefore our sightings are not as frequent as we’d like. So, when my boys were a little smaller, they would get excited when they knew Xavier was going to be around, because they knew they would have a chance to experience some of his magic! He always had a card trick or two ready to show them and they were enamored. They may not admit it, but at least a couple of them are still kind of impressed with his card tricks! I imagine he underestimates the impact he has had on lots of little cuties he has entertained with his attention and spirit full of fun over the years. Kids, more than anyone, can spot love and authenticity when they see it!

Xavier works in the wine industry in Napa, California. He’s a genius with his wine knowledge and in the kitchen. I admit to a completely inappropriate relationship with every batch of salsa he’s ever presented to me. I just can’t even begin to do his culinary skills justice. In fact, when we recently discussed our summer 2020 plans to celebrate my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary with a big group trip to Hilton Head, there was pretty intense interest from ALL the members of our household about whether he’d be able to attend! Let’s just say the way to the hearts of the Thieme guys is definitely through their stomachs, ha?!

The last time Xavi was here at the house was around Thanksgiving. The memory of us lugging chairs, tables and accessories to all new locations while we giggled from (just the perfect amount) of California wine is a memory that makes me smile. When he left, my kinda crummy kitchen table had been relocated and the “redesign” of the place looked pretty darn good, I thought. We also ordered a big area rug to spruce up the family room. My husband struggles with change sometimes, therefore the new décor didn’t take right away…but I’m crediting Xavi and Ted with the upgrade I recently got, because they planted the seed! Maybe Tom could just see the handwriting was on the wall after that? I’m not sure. Either way, I have a new kitchen table and chairs now, fellas! You’re gonna love the renovations you inspired!

Today is Xavier’s birthday, and I just wanted to give him a shout out! He’s just a good person with a totally kind heart and he deserves to be celebrated! We love you, Xavi!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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