Mad for…Dom

Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss. (Doug Williams)

Above: (l to r) Ty Schwegman, Zach Thieme, Malcolm Houze, and on the far right in the BC sweatshirt is Dom Ferrucci.

Above: Vincent and Dom Ferrucci at the Red Sox game!

They say the only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose. I’m not sure if Dominic Ferrucci would agree with that sentiment or not. Would you say losing that BC vs PU matchup last fall helped or hindered your sportsmanship, Dom?! Ha! I can’t resist teasing this quick-witted kid. I do know this, I have never in my life met another human being who is more passionate about sports– especially those with roots in Boston– and that is saying something! He loves the Boston Red Sox, Boston College, the Bruins…and even the dreaded Patriots. In his case, “love” isn’t really a strong enough word. Enjoying these teams seems to give him life.

Dom is a SENIOR in high school this year, which is frankly blowing my mind! When I first met him, he was still in a car seat in the back of my friend Julie’s minivan. He’s the joyful, faith-filled middle son of Steve and Julie Ferrucci and the brother of Vincent and Anthony. He has always had a contagious laugh and a smile that’s a mile wide.

Articulate, sassy, and yes, a little “smart-assy”, Dom has a lot of thoughts and you needn’t even ask for them and they shall be yours! He’s a bright light in his family and to all he encounters! His sense of humor and integrity make him a blessing. He’s a talented writer with a bright future, too!

On the basketball court, Dom’s hustle and defensive intensity are impossible to miss. In the dugout and on the baseball field, his positive spirit brings energy and enthusiasm to the team. This fall, he’s headed back out to the gridiron after a break, and I can’t wait to cheer him on as his Golden Eagles take to the field! We consider Dom to be family.

Today, I ran into this quote at the top of the page in an article I was reading and it made me think of Dominic, which is why I’ve chosen to write about him today. Dom, I want you to know that I think you are a highly intelligent, funny, integrity-filled, sports-obsessed, giant scoop of awesome sauce! I wish you much success your senior year. Love you, kid! I’ll be the loud one sitting next to your mom cheering for you all year!! Go, Golden Eagles!!

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