Mad for…Pam

Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength. (Bruce Lee)

July 15, 2019– The beautiful and wise friend pictured with me above is Pam Fremion. She’s this sunny gal with the most winning attitude. I have been watching her for a few years now, and the poor thing is stuck with me nearby for at least 4 more since our youngest sons will be classmates together in the Guerin Catholic High School class of 2023!!

Pam is a fairly recent convert to the Catholic Church and the mom of one gorgeous daughter (Maddie) and three handsome sons (Grant, Joey and Will). Her husband is a pistol named Mike. Also, Pam is a teacher to very young children. Cuties in large numbers who can’t yet tie their shoes and to whom zippers and buttons are still a struggle would, quite frankly, give me hives. Based solely on what I know of her husband (ha?) and her career, Pam is patience personified!

About a year ago, I was sharing Pam’s wisdom with a young teacher “to be” who was expressing frustration over how much time she was spending tying shoes during her student teaching. “Well, you need a SHOE SHERIFF!” This poor gal looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head, but I went on to explain how my patient and experienced teacher friend locates the young person in her classroom who has already mastered this skill and appoints them to be the “shoe sheriff” in her class. Apparently, it’s a prestigious post to hold, and before too long there are a few deputies. BRILLIANT, am I right?! And the fact that this seemed like the most amazing idea ever invented to both myself and this new teacher about to enter the workforce just explains Pam in a nutshell.

Pam is a positive, patient, problem-solving scoop of sunshine! As a mom to a recent college grad, a college student, and two high schoolers, she’s incredibly compassionate, caring and supportive…but not in a smothering way. She listens and provides guidance while still leaving space for her kiddos to grow and learn. Who doesn’t want a mom like that? She’s a rock star!

Funny and with the most contagious laugh, being around Pam is easy and enjoyable. She’s an integrity-filled woman of character who truly is sunny and with the most beautiful smile. Her stories singed with sarcasm make me cackle. When I see her, the space around her is filled with positivity and energy. She’s a generous and lovely soul, and I think God loves her giving heart even more than I do.

Thanks, Pam, for brightening the world with your smile, your funny stories, and your compassion. I’m so grateful for kind, patient people like you who show up to celebrate even when my invite was over text at the last possible second. I simply don’t always have my act together, and nothing beats the friend who’s willing to overlook my flaws! You, my friend, are both a gem and a keeper! Keep doing you, because YOU….are a glorious human.

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