Mad for…Tara

Enjoy the little things and be joyful, for one day you may look back and realize they were actually the things that mattered. (Unknown)

JULY 12, 2019– She simply warms those around her by genuine smile and cheerful nature. Meet Tara Lutes. When I first met her, she was Tara Stapleton, and one of my sister’s most dear friends in high school. We all attended Lafayette Central Catholic together. Therefore, she spent quite a bit of time at the Dykhuizen house with us and I got to know her and fell in love with her positive energy– a trait she has carried along with her always!

These days, Tara lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Ben Lutes and together they have two children, Henry and Meg. She’s pictured here with her daughter, Meg. A couple years back, I got a message from Tara asking if I happened to know anyone in the area that might be looking for a part time job, as her company had an opening. Since I know Tara has a beautiful soul, I felt comfortable sharing the name of my dear friend, Renee, who has been working there ever since. What’s terrific for me is that I can kind of follow Tara from afar through Renee and keep up to speed.

After college, Tara went to law school and then spent several years working for a big law firm in downtown Indy. She gave that up several years ago for other work, but from what I can see, through it all her personality continues to brighten the lives of all around her. What has always stood out for me about Tara is her hospitality, enthusiasm and sunny disposition. She’s thrilled to see you and you can absolutely count on a warm greeting and a big hug!

“There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament.” (Henry Van Dyke)

Today as she celebrates her birthday, I just wanted to give a shout out to my old friend, Tara! Thank you for the sunny glow you spread to others, sweet woman! Your two children are utterly blessed to call you mom! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TARA!!

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