Mad for…Billy

Happiness is secured through virtue; it is a good attained by man’s own will. (St. Thomas Aquinas)

July 8, 2019– A Crown Point native and the father of 3 pretty terrific kids, Billy Finn is also the husband of a bright and talented wife named Lisa. Their children, Mia, Max and Luke are all sports-lovers which is not surprising considering both their parents have extensive and successful sports backgrounds. Billy is a 1994 graduate of Andrean High School in the Region. He’s a tough, handsome, faith-filled and athletically gifted guy.

I met Billy several years ago through mutual friends from our church and school community in Fishers, Indiana. He often volunteers his time coaching kids, and has done so since well before his own children were old enough to participate. In fact, when my current Boilermaker was a 4th grader, I remember Billy coaching CYO football and drawing up a hook and ladder play that the boys had never practiced…in the sand on the sidelines. My son, Drew, caught the pass and pitched it to his teammate, who ran down a wide open field of grass and then got tackled by the “turf monster”. As I recall it, the kid certainly would have gone for a TD if not for that misfortune. It was hilarious, and it’s one of our family’s all-time favorite CYO football moments. Only the uber competitive Billy Finn would decide that 3 nine-year old boys could learn and execute the hook and ladder on the fly. Classic Coach Finn. They almost pulled it off too!!

Billy is bright and has a fantastic work ethic. He’s an upright guy, a terrific dad who has a genuine way about him, and a hilarious dry sense of humor. He knows how to smile, laugh, and keep his priorities in line. I have a great deal of respect for Billy because of the quality of his character and the strength and love he models for his family and all those around him.

Today is Billy’s birthday, and I hope that Lisa and the kids are celebrating him in style today, because his is a life worth celebrating in a big way! Thanks for setting the bar high for all those around you, Billy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILLY FINN!

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