Mad for…Michael

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Michael Bailey is a young man who is in the middle of the adventure of a lifetime! He’s about halfway done with a bike trip across the United States that he is doing for charity called “The Journey of Hope.” It’s quite an undertaking for a kid that was not previously a biker to decide to start by dipping his front bike tire in the Pacific Ocean and then end by dunking his rear tire in the Atlantic on the other coast of this great nation in summer 2019!

I’ve known Michael for most his life, as he was a grade school friend of my middle son, Drew. In fact, they went all through SLDM, then Guerin Catholic together and now they are Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brothers together at Purdue University. When he told me what he was planning to do with his summer, I am not going to lie, I thought he was pretty much a crazy person. However, I know adventure is worthwhile, especially that which is undertaken for the benefit of others. In Michael’s case, he’s participating in a super cool project which raises money to benefit the disabled through Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy, “The Ability Experience”.

Michael is an animated, silly, talented, bright, caring and outgoing young man. This week I read about how we shouldn’t die without embracing the daring adventure that life was meant to be. Honestly, I think this young man is a pretty super example to all of us about this being completely true. Our family is proud to be one of his many sponsors during this particular chapter, because he is doing a truly good thing for others by pushing through his fears and going for it!!

Michael Bailey can sing, act, crush it with his academics…and apparently bike 100 miles a day all summer long too? I just wanted to take a moment today to tell you, Michael, that I am really proud of you for pushing through all the obstacles and embracing something that is truly difficult, but ultimately a selfless and generous act. I believe that you will grow in ways you never expected through this terrific journey! I am so hoping we can get a glimpse of you when your group makes their way through Indiana in a couple weeks. I hope that amid the turmoil and chaos if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you will turn to the Lord and ask Him to fill you with grace during this trip. I really do believe “Ask and you shall receive” is some of the best spiritual advice I was ever given. Trust is the cornerstone of acquiring peace. Know that my prayers are with you and your fraternity brothers from across the nation, that you will travel safely and arrive in Washington, D.C happy and healthy…having done a lot of good for others!!

If you’d like to know more or would like to help Michael, visit:

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