Mad for…Danny

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. -Roger Staubach

The biggest Xavier University basketball fan I know is Danny O’Malia. He’s pictured above, a year or so ago with my son, Nick, who was interning with the Xavier Athletic Department at the time. When he found out that my oldest son intended to become a Muskie when he graduated from Guerin Catholic, Danny reached out with enthusiasm and made sure that the entire Thieme clan knew that he would be pleased to help Nick in any way with his transition. His genuineness and authenticity are impossible to miss!

A former President of O’Malia Food Markets, Danny is busy these days as “Indy’s Trusted Servant” and an expert on good customer service. He definitely lives what he preaches when it comes to treating others with a smile and genuine hospitality as I have never been treated with anything other than utter graciousness by him.

Danny is the husband to a bubbly and beautiful wife named Rita, and together they raised three amazing daughters– Janet, Shannon and Colleen. Over the years, I got to know him through my friendship with them. He has four grandsons who have been on sports teams with my 3 boys at various times over the years, so it has been my pleasure to cheer those fine young men on, alongside Danny and Rita many, many times.

I’ve spent several sunny afternoons lolly-gagging poolside at his Carmel home. Most of those afternoons, I spent the day there knowing full well that neither Rita or Danny was aware I had even been invited, but knowing always that when they did show up, I would get a big sunny smile and a “So great to see you, Shelly!”

I admire greatly the example of kindness, fortitude, faithfulness and unselfishness displayed by Danny during the years I have known him, but especially since the tragic loss of his daughter Shannon. At a time when I know he was mostly broken, he dug in and loved his family, and leaned hard on the Lord… in every possible way. He’s one of the most supportive grandparents around too!

Danny, I am way overdue to express to you how much I appreciate the positivity and kindness you have always shown the Thieme family! You are a treasure to many!! Thank you for the terrific example of faith and the encouragement you provide to those around you– including me!

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