Mad for…Jeff

Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. (Unknown)

About a month or so ago, Coach Jeff Schwegman was asked by an (over zealous) umpire to excuse himself from the dugout during a Cadet CYO baseball game at Scecina High School. What makes this so remarkable and honestly quite funny is the fact that he’s one of the most laid back people I have ever encountered. I’m sure he was bugged, but he laughed it off and cheered from behind the fence. About the only times I have EVER heard him being audibly rattled were at sporting events he was coaching. He’s a smiling, positive, humble and genuine guy– but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s not competitive! Also, he’s a talented musician and fellow country music lover, which is why he’s on my mind today.

This evening, we made plans to take our youngest, Zach, to his first ever concert– Thomas Rhett. His buddy, Ty Schwegman, is the only genuine country music lover among his close friends, so as a surprise for his birthday, we made plans to enjoy this evening alongside the Schwegman family (pictured above in an old photo from left are Jeff, Laine, Ty and Renee). Presently, I am baking cookies and praying the rain holds off long enough for us to get our groove on out at Ruoff Music Center. As I ponder what on earth I might wear for this event, I couldn’t help thinking of Jeff who will not have put forth much effort at all but who will nevertheless look effortlessly hip. He’s just a jeans and leather play-it-cool kinda guy.

Balance is what life is all about, and Jeff seems to me to do about as good a job as any man with holding on and letting go just the right amount to keep the boat upright and sailing in the right direction. His work ethic is impressive, certainly. More importantly, as a father, he’s present, thoughtful and truly compassionate. Jeff can be counted on to make the most “right” choice available at any given moment. He’s married to one of my favorite women on the planet, and as the song says, “there’s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes”. I’m not worried about that though and neither is he. It appears to me that my friend Jeff knows his is a marriage that is going to catapult him straight to heaven if he plays the cards correctly, ha??!

On numerous occasions over the years, Jeff has schlepped my Z-man to and from various events or let him tag along as an extra member of the family. I always marvel at how attentive, aware and considerate he is when dealing with all the children in his life, but especially his daughter, Laine and his niece, Lilah. A standout athlete who grew up with no sisters, he’s remarkably natural and sensitive.

Jeff is a guy who sees the best in others and lives his life in an unselfish and loving way. He likes to laugh and he’s easy to be around. He is one of those people who doesn’t feel the need to point out his goodness, it just shows. So, here I am not getting any younger, my baby is entering high school, and things are feeling very different than they once were. I find that I just prefer to enjoy the ride while surrounding myself with good people who are good to me, to my people and for my soul. Jeff is one of those folks. THANKS FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP, JEFF! YOUR GOOD HEART MAKES ME SMILE!

“…You make plans and you hear God laughing. Life changes, and I wouldn’t change it for the world…” (Life Changes, Thomas Rhett)

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