Mad for…Meagan

Be friendly first. Service starts with a friendly person with a friendly smile, who offers friendly words first. How friendly are you? –Jeffrey Gitomer

Last night, Tom and I met some of our very favorite people for dinner at a fairly new place in downtown Carmel called Fork + Ale House. It sits neatly just off the Monon Trail a little south of Main Street on Veteran’s Way in a cool little outdoor plaza, flanked by Sun King Brewery. When we arrived, the hostess told us the wait would be an hour and a half, but we were undeterred. The whole plaza was ripe for people watching and laughter, filled with families and friends playing ping-pong, cornhole, and billiards. Those waiting for seats inside at either Sun King or Fork + Ale were having a good time and nearly everyone had a drink in their hands. “No worries, we’ll wait! ” I smiled at the hostess.

After only about 25 minutes, my phone rang and our seats were ready. Tom and I, along with Gerry and Ann were seated outside and were quickly greeted by a sunny waitress named Meagan, who is pictured between us above. She became a fast hit with the 4 of us because the beverages were arriving in quick succession. In fact, it got to be a little comical when she would arrive with a beer or glass of wine just after one had arrived from another member of the wait staff. “Well, you all can drink for me too, I guess! I have a 13 week old at home and I can’t drink yet!” So, some of us did just that! Below is a photo I took of Tom and Ann double-fisting it with Gerry laughing in the background.

Our experience at Fork and Ale was a good one for many reasons, including good food and a solid, casual atmosphere, but the sunny and attentive Meagan put it over the top! She is attentive but also the type of person that doesn’t wait for the other guy to be friendly, she opens with a warm and genuine smile.

As the evening wore on, we learned that Meagan is the mom of two boys, Adontae who is 2 1/2, and her 13 week old, Adonis. Considering the woman cannot be getting appropriate rest with a toddler and a newborn at home, one would never know it from the positive and good-natured attitude she displayed with her customers. She reminded me that open, social and approachable humans really do make all the difference. It’s just a lot more fun to spend an evening out with friends when you land in a great spot and are greeted with graciousness and kind service!

So, THANK YOU, MEAGAN (and Fork and Ale) for a super experience last night. Affable, outgoing, and agreeable people are folks that really do make all the difference for others! You made our double date night out with great friends even more fantastic! We’ll definitely be back…and encouraging our friends to try your place as well.

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