Mad for…Fr. Christian DeCarlo

Preach the Gospel at all times, if necessary use words. -St. Francis of Assisi

A year ago this week, Fr. Christian DeCarlo, who is a Zionsville native and grew up as a parishioner at nearby St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church, was ordained to the priesthood. Since then, he has been both learning the ropes, so to speak, and also serving the people at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Carmel, Indiana. It’s a task, I’ll add, he’s been doing admirably.

That first year of priesthood, I’m told, is a bit of a doozy. Therefore, I felt his significant milestone should be both celebrated and acknowledged! While I don’t know Fr. DeCarlo personally, we have met briefly a few times and I’ve been to MANY masses at which he was the celebrant. In such a big parish as OLMC, with over 4,000 families, I’d argue his age is a huge asset for the youth of the parish, for whom he naturally feels relevant. He’s also a very genuine person with a cheerful countenance.

Fr. DeCarlo is soft-spoken, and with his words he utters truth. He is an authentic man who wears a kind smile. That’s why I chose the words of St. Francis for his little tribute today. The day to day life of a priest often involves walking alongside folks for whom life is currently messy or mangled. However, Fr. DeCarlo points people to the Lord, where I’m certain he knows that our Awesome God can be counted on to turn even our most stunning sorrows into something useful and good to Him. He is the face of Jesus to folks of all ages every single week!

If you haven’t been to one of Fr. DeCarlo’s masses, I’d encourage you to give it a whirl. He is musically gifted and has a beautiful singing voice, which always makes the experience feel reverent and altogether lovely. THANK YOU, Fr. DeCarlo, for all you do each day for so many! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

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