Mad for…Sheri

I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people. (Vincent Van Gogh)

Allow me to introduce you to Sheri Conner! Wearing sparkly sunglasses that match her effervescent personality, Sheri is pictured above with her amazing and beautiful daughters, Candice and Lydia along with her crazy and hilarious husband, Mike.

Some time has passed since I have run into Sheri, but I noticed that her birthday was this week and I couldn’t resist the urge to write about her– because she is such an uncommon, unique and utterly artistic soul. I met her many years ago when her youngest, Lydia, began attending school at St. Louis de Montfort. Sweet Lydia then attended Guerin Catholic High School where she graduated with my oldest son, Nick. Both her daughters are sunny, positive young women who have inherited their mom’s charm and welcoming nature.

Sheri is married to one of the funniest men I have ever met, but she is equally entertaining. These two are unrivaled extroverts! I’ve spent just enough time drinking adult beverages on a couch in their garage to know that Sheri understands all the most important things in life– faith, family and the value of authentic friendship!

A talented artist who runs her own design company, there’s just nothing “standard” about Sheri! She’s quirky, unpredictable and so incredibly stunning– inside and out! Is it any surprise her creations are a lot like her? Nope! She is a woman who always makes me smile when I see her, which is certainly not often enough, and I find myself inspired by the way she stays true to herself and focuses on using her exceptional giftedness to brighten the lives of others. It seems to me she has always encouraged the same in her girls. I just love that…and I am WAY overdue to say so! Thank you, Sheri, for reminding me that painting outside the lines sometimes is where it’s at!!

Sheri, I know I am a couple days late, but the birthday festival continues! Happy (Belated) Birthday to talented, curious, adventurous YOU!! I hope your day was a great one!

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