Mad for…Connor

Out of all the people on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession. (Deut. 14:2)

When Connor and Zach were getting close to school age, I had a rather heated conversation with his mom, Shannon. You see, Con is only three weeks older than my youngest son. Shan was super annoyed that I decided to wait a year and send Zach the fall AFTER Con. She wanted to “force” them to be friends so we could sit beside each other at all their school and sporting events. I told her I felt pretty darn confident she was going to have NO PROBLEM making love connections with all kinds of SLDM parents and that any son of hers would not struggle in the friend department. She looked at me with that twinkle in her eye and said, “Sweet talk works with me, but I am still super bugged, Shelly Thieme!!”

From the first time I met him, there was one thing about Connor that stood out. Good golly that kid was fast! He could run up and down the hallway at school, or around “Mom Mom” and “Pop Pop’s” pool deck like a speed demon and it definitely transferred to the ball field! Con and Z ended up playing several seasons of summer baseball together and it didn’t take long for anyone to figure out that if the kid made it on base, he was going to score a run. If the 3rd base coach didn’t tell him to steal, there was always still a better than even chance he was going to do it anyway. It gave me great joy to watch him frustrate every opposing coach with his quickness.

Con is a caring brother to 4 younger siblings, with whom he is pictured above. He’s a hard worker and a good and loyal friend to many. When he gives away a smile, it’s a treasure, and he means it. He is cherished by many, a thing which can be hard to remember when you are a high school freshman…because it’s a low man on the totem pole kind of year. I hope you know, Con, that even if your computer dies or your day was completely crummy, or the seniors are being putzes to the underclassmen…there are just endless numbers of people who love you and care about you so very much with no strings attached.

I admire the way you scoop up “the littles” and how much you care about them and your entire family. I don’t really understand the Auburn thing, but I think it’s super cool that you are passionate about your team and you feel confident enough to just do you and love on those Tigers and that you don’t seem to need anyone to give you permission or join in. You are just an incredibly gifted, unique and special baseball loving young man. Your strength of character and authenticity make you shine.

I’m two days late on your birthday, but like I told Alli, I believe in the “festival” approach to birthdays and I always try to make them last a little longer than maybe other people. So, HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY Connor Hall from all the Thieme family! We think you are the real deal!

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