Mad for…Maggie

Good people don’t have to say they’re good people, it just shows. –Shauna Parker

Some people make the world special just by being in it with us. Maggie Kuhlman is such a woman. She’s compassionate and gentle, and at the same time fierce and competitive. Deeply loving, this wife and mom is also now a mother-in-law and grandmother. She’s pictured above with her granddaughter, Maddie.

When my oldest son, Nick, was a 2nd grader, he came home from school one day wanting me to drop everything so the two of us could pray for a neighbor friend who was struggling through cancer. “Of course, kiddo, let’s do it.” Afterward, I quizzed him about why Mrs. Volpe was so much on his mind that particular day. He said, “Well, Mrs. Kuhlman told us today that God listens to all our prayers, but ESPECIALLY to children who are preparing to make their first communion!” Cue one giant lump in my throat.

Ah, yes….Mrs. Kuhlman. No beauty shines like that of a lovely heart, am I right? Good people just naturally bring out the best in others, and that is exactly how it went for my two children in the 2nd grade classroom of Maggie Kuhlman.

Perhaps because she was a runner at Purdue University, or maybe it was because she also was a mom of boys, she seemed to connect so quickly with Nick and Drew. I recall there being many days where the kids would share that the entire class just needed to shake out the ants in their pants, so Mrs. Kuhlman and her class took a break and jogged a lap around the church building or something of similar ilk. Also, I remember giggling audibly when the boys told me that I needed to buy them some deodorant because Mrs. Kuhlman says kids start to smell rotten at their age!! Hahaha!!

Maggie retired from her teaching position a few years back, so she didn’t teach the youngest of my three goofballs, but I regret so much not reaching out as she moved on to let her know that she just feels like sunshine and that the Thieme family truly appreciated every single bit of wisdom, compassion, faithfulness and heart that she shared with us and the entire SLDM community during her “Cardinal” years. Maggie, YOU are an incredible human who makes such a difference for others. Your family and those grandchildren are blessed beyond measure. I’m a little late, but THANK YOU FOR BEING A WONDERFUL EXAMPLE OF WHAT SPECTACULAR HUMANS LOOK LIKE! Also? BOILER UP!!

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