Mad for…Lisa

We live our lives for an audience of one: God. If you are doing what you believe God is calling you to do deep in your soul, walk on. -Matthew Kelly

Day 115 of 365: Lisa Finn

April 25, 2019– She’s a mother of three who lives in Fishers, but she hails from Huntington, Indiana. I’m told she was named Indiana’s “Miss Basketball” for her hoops prowess while representing Huntington North back in the day. This surprised me not at all when I learned it– because she’s very competitive– but also because she communicates with confidence, honestly and clearly. Those are the qualities that make the very best team members. She’s the wife of a handsome fella named Billy, a pretty fantastic human, and TODAY is her birthday!

When I first met Lisa, she was a teacher at St. Louis de Montfort grade school. She’s moved on with her life and I think now she keeps busy at Resmer Orthodontics when she’s not chasing her three adorable athletes all over the place! She’s straight-forward and refreshingly unemotional. She’s tough, ambitious, compassionate and matter-of-fact.

What I love about Lisa is that she is very clear on many things. She believes in personal responsibility, hard work, the importance of family and the value of living a life of faith. She likes to laugh and she’s a genuine person. Her energy is infectious and her heart is honest. I just plain like her.

If I am completely honest myself, its authenticity and faithfulness that typically draws me to others. She’s both of those phenomenal things in one stunningly beautiful package. Lisa is one of those people who understands perfectly that she isn’t, in fact, perfect…and the fact that she isn’t even pretending to be…well it makes her just a giant scoop of awesome sauce!

Thank you, Lisa, for always reminding me how spectacular it is to simply be who you are, and to do so with integrity. Those are things that I find incredibly inspiring. There is just so much to love about you! I hope Billy, Mia, Max and Luke spoil you rotten today, because your life is SO worth celebrating! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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