Mad for…Vivian

We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song! –St. (Pope) John Paul II

Day 111 of 365: Vivian Seaman

Brave and courageous in so many ways, my faithful friend, Vivian, is a woman who knows we must wait patiently for the Lord! So, today as we rejoice in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, it seems fitting that we are also celebrating the birthday of Vivian Seaman!! A HUGE Happy Birthday shout out to you, Viv!! She’s pictured above right, with me. We took this selfie for our mutual friend, a great young man named Mitch Volpe, just a few weeks ago!

Your smile is one of your most beautiful features, my friend. That smile of yours is not really about anything except genuine joy of the Lord, hope, truth and kindness. Life isn’t always easy, but yours is a happy heart filled with love. You have taught me so much over time but most especially I’ve learned to concentrate on my blessings from you, through your own stunning witness of the same. I treasure our morning masses and “coffee talks”. You keep me in check, always inquiring about the most important things like my spiritual life and participation in the sacraments. Having a Christ-centered friend like you is truly a gift from the Lord.

The most dreadful darkness becomes a glorious beginning on your birthday in 2019. Plus, it’s a bright blue sky with sunshine lighting up everything this Easter. How cool is that, my Jesus-loving friend?

You are gifted with little ones, and you’ve spent a lifetime always pointing them to the Lord. You are compassionate and generous to a fault, and you are a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend to SO MANY! All of our lives are better for having you in them. Other than your unfortunate affection for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, (ha?) I don’t find many flaws worth mentioning in you, my dear, dear friend!

I know that you are in the midst of rehab from your recent surgery, and I hope you know that my prayers for your complete recovery continue. Work hard in physical therapy and get well quick, okay?! You are a wonderful blessing in my life and I love you! HAPPY EASTER AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIV!!

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