Mad for…Heather

“And this is the job of the catechist: constantly to go forth to others out of love to bear witness and to talk about Jesus, to proclaim Jesus. This is important because the Lord does it; it is the Lord that impels us to go forth.” –Pope Francis

Being a 2nd grade teacher is the job of a hero, no matter what school. To do this job in a Catholic School, however, is really a calling unto itself. It requires the typical classroom control (which is not easy with a couple dozen sets of 7 and 8 year-olds to manage), then there’s the Math, English, Social Studies, Science, etc. For teachers with students in Catholic School, this job also includes sacramental preparation for two of the Sacraments in the Church– First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. For the uninitiated, let me tell you….it’s kind of a big deal.

Meet Heather Sears. She is a wife and the mother of two (mostly) grown and terrific sons, Chase and Conner. I also know her to be a treasured friend to many. That’s no surprise to me since I’ve seen her quiet acts of kindness many times over the years. She’s got a friendly face and an easy smile for everyone. As a teacher, she is firm but patient and very loving. I’ve noticed her graciously accept gifts from children that might be otherwise classified by yours truly, but the fact is they chose it for her and she understands the proper disposition necessary when a child gives you a gift– even if it’s a muddy rock.

I love the kind-heart, generosity, and genuine loveliness that is Heather. She’s funny and the owner of a silly sarcasm that makes me smile. I think the Lord loves living in Heather because of the beautiful way she treats others. She teaches His little ones to follow Jesus before the world tries to teach them the opposite. Imagine being tasked with teaching about how Christ is the bread of life and the cup of eternal salvation alongside math facts? I mean, that’s a darn big job, am I right?? So many families have been blessed because they have found Heather Sears leading the classroom of their child at St. Louis de Montfort Catholic School in Fishers, IN.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Heather, but I’ve watched her put one foot in front of the other and keep going during trying times. Her attitude has always been positive–no matter how large the challenge. She’s a woman who chooses to love, and ultimately, it’s all about making that choice day after day. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it just isn’t. Heather is the kind of person who chooses to return negativity with kindness– and I think the Lord smiles down on her and loves her for it!

Tomorrow as you celebrate your birthday, Heather, I hope you will know how much it matters what you have done with your life, your talents and your heart. You have made such a difference for so many children and their families. For some of us watching you from nearby, you’ve inspired a desire to love and serve the Lord in our own lives with the same joyful and willing heart. Thank you always for gracing me with your beautiful smile when I see you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HEATHER!

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