Mad for…Betsy

Our children are our garden. They absorb our stress, just as they absorb our peace. They absorb our negativity just as they absorb our joy. We have the power to control what they absorb, but first we must tend to ourselves. -Rachel Macy Stafford

Day 93 of 365: BETSY KINDER

It’s a gloriously sunny day in the photo I have chosen today to honor my friend, Betsy Kinder. She’s pictured here with her husband Pat donning her usual smile that lights up the area she inhabits. She’s got three terrific kids (2 daughters and a son) and she’s a fellow Boilermaker fan!

Betsy is celebrating her birthday on Friday, so in advance of this auspicious occasion, I have decided to tell you what I think makes her just a colossally terrific wife, mother and friend. First of all, Betsy is inordinately positive. She has an infectious laugh and a heart of gold. I chose the quote above to honor her because at St. Louis de Montfort Catholic School where she works, as well as in her home life, Betsy exudes joyfulness. That is a contagious condition she passes along to all the young people she encounters. She’s remarkably magnetic and was gifted by the Lord with an oversized helping of kindness and compassion.

For those who know me well, I’ll share that Betsy is a “Shoebox Girl”. The Shoebox gals are a group of friends who began meeting about once a month (during the school year) to send care packages to our college-aged kiddos about 3 years ago. We drink wine, and toss a lot of sugar and good wishes in the mail to our kids. It’s a win-win little gig we’ve got going. It was this Shoebox adventure that introduced me further to the awesomeness that is Betsy. She’s fun and the owner of a terrific sense of humor. She can tell a story and because her eyes sparkle when she grins, I know I am going to be smiling with her almost instantly.

I’ve watched Betsy look out for the oldest son of a mutual friend who passed away a few years ago. The way she so selflessly loves him is a beautiful thing to witness, and it tugs at my heart strings. I know Shannon (and Jesus) are smiling down on Betsy for her pure goodness to Con and I’m pretty sure she knows it too. This is just one small example of the way she cares about others, and she’s filled to overflowing with integrity. She really does have a special knack for being the face of Christ to others– her faith shows in her attitude and her deeds each day!

Betsy, as you and your family celebrate your birthday this week, I hope that you will know just what an incredible woman those of us in your circle know you to be. You are honest, loyal, respectful and genuine. Whenever I run into you, my sense is that you are always authentically happy to see me. I have a warm spot in my heart for you because of the way you always make me feel accepted and welcomed. Thanks for all the smiles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETSY!! BOILER UP!!

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