Mad for…Ann

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. (Prov. 31:25)

The beautiful Boilermaker in the middle of this gaggle of black and gold wearing fabulousness is Ann Fritton. Ann’s mom, Lynn and my mother-in-law, Jane were identical twins. Ann and my hubby, Tom, are cousins. Just like me, Ann has three boys. Each of her sons is within months of age of my one of my three guys. Our husbands even work at the same CPA firm. What I’m trying to say is, Ann and I have a few things in common.

Although we’ve always run in different social circles, we grew up in the same hometown and we both attended Lafayette Central Catholic High School. Ann has been a Boilermaker fan as long as I have, therefore. Two of her sons are current Purdue students. We were both in Louisville last night cheering on our Boilers in the South Regional of the NCAA Tourney. It’s really for this reason that I chose to write about Ann today! I’m in the midst of a little black and gold GLOW. So, who better to honor than a fellow member of Boilermaker nation!!?

Ann is incredibly bright and quick-witted. She’s a sunny woman with a fantastic sense of humor. She has raised three pretty stunning and integrity-filled young men, which is truly a tribute to her unconditional love as well as her willingness to do the sticky, messy, day-to-day unglamorous work of motherhood. The work of her hands over the years may not have always seemed that important to her or to a world to busy to take notice. However, somewhere interiorly, I am certain that Ann, who is a faith-filled woman (and a long-time parishioner at St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Indy), knows the One who her hands were really serving these many years, and that there are few gifts she could give Him which were more precious.

Ann is a joyful person who greets others with warmth and a smile. She’s welcoming, owns an infectious laugh and she is unafraid of taking a stand for what is right and good. She feels deeply and loves fiercely. She is a unique combination of soft and powerful. She’s practical, pragmatic and spiritual. I have long admired so much about Ann, and I’m overdue to say so the clear way I am trying to do today.

Ann? You are a woman I have always admired and respected. I love the way you love the Lord with your cheerfulness and sunny disposition! Thanks for being the stunningly beautiful person that you are because the world is such a better place with you doing you! ALSO? WHAT DO YOU SAY WE BOILER THE HECK UP!!? Hugs and love to you, my friend.

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