Mad for…Georgia

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! -1 John 3:1

Day 72 of 365.

I chose this scripture verse above to honor a very special woman named Georgia today, because it’s a good respresentation of what it really what it feels like to me to have had her in my life these many years. There she’s been at every event of consequence through the years, cheering me on and supporting my family. It’s like God telling me how lavishly I am loved. She’s what I call my “back up Mom”. I spent every single summer vacation of my youth with her and her amazing husband, Chuck and her son Ted, who truly is like a brother to me. The Dykhuizens and Stumpfs were pretty much a perfect vacation match. Those are memories I will always treasure.

Georgie’s a retired English teacher so I’ll share this appropriate bit of Shakespeare as well. You’ll “find though she be but little, she is fierce.” Standing around 4’11, there’s nothing quiet or introverted about Georgia. She’s generous with her thoughts and absolutely lacks any filter when it comes to the asking of whatever curiosity enters her mind. It makes me laugh and keeps everyone on their toes who is in her orbit. This special feature of her personality was somewhat disturbing during my teenage years while I was dating. “Has he kissed you yet?” Questions of this ilk were very commonplace. Mostly, I can’t help loving her authenticity. She’s 100% genuine.

Georgia has a beautiful smile and when she gets laughing, it’s completely contagious. More than once, she’s gotten me laughing so hard that I can no longer breathe and I am left fanning myself for oxygen. She’s joyful, and she’s kind.

Here’s the thing. I know if I called for her help or advice even today, she would sweep right in with her love and scoop me up. She’s an amazing woman who I truly love and TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Georgia. I am so truly thankful for you and I love you very much!!

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