Mad for…Kelli

A nation that kills its children in the womb has lost its soul. –St. (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta

Meet Kelli Wilson. As you can see, Kelli is a wife and mother of four young adults. She’s a gal I have admired from a distance for some time. I’ve watched her cheer on her kids and I’ve witnessed her even more in constant motion in her work role at Guerin Catholic High School where she is the Director of Admissions.

It takes a special, sunny and very selfless person to flourish in this position at a Catholic High School. One must be thick-skinned and just a vigorous person full of energy and positivity in order to succeed. There are so many details to handle and communicate, and even more people who need someone to hold their hand through the process. Without her natural vitality, Guerin Catholic would be missing such an important piece of the puzzle. Her attitude is one of service and selflessness, which makes her a terrific witness to all those around her for how God wishes us to treat others.

Over the years, I have sent her MANY emails that basically said “SOS”. Kelli always comes through to help in a timely fashion and she seems to wave off the hassle of yet another parent who “missed the memo” that I’m fairly certain she sent me several times already. Her patience and kindness shine!

I admire Kelli for her genuine smile and authentic warmth, which is always on display. She’s a faith-filled woman and that shows in all she does. She’s been a vocal supporter of justice for all life from conception through natural death, which is both beautiful and courageous. That is why I chose the quote above to honor her today. It’s the one on display on some of her social media, an act which is meaningful and brave.

Thank you, Kelli, for being a wonderful example in your life of how to treat others. Your trademark smile and warmth always inspire in me a desire to try and be just as hospitable as you are to the Thieme family each time we interact with you! When you treat folks like that, it surely draws families to GC and also to Christ. We are grateful for you!

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