Mad for…Bill


Bill Grace, left, with his grandson Cooper!

Day 65 of 365.

If there was ever a man I should have honored YESTERDAY, on Fat Tuesday, it’s Bill Grace. But, we’re still close enough, so I’m going for it anyway! You see Bill is a Louisiana native, RABID LSU FAN, and Mardi Gras is more than just near and dear to this joyful man. Just like New Orleans itself is such a unique city with its multi-lingual heritage and striking creole cuisine, so is “Mayor Bill” an unforgettable and unrepeatable character!

A decade or more ago when I met him, I believe he had already proclaimed himself “Mayor Bill” and he remains to this day the Mayor of the Lakes of Hazel Dell subdivision on the east side of Carmel. We lived several years a few door down from the Mayor and the man knows a thing or two he could share with the rest of the politicians out there. He’s a man of both compassion and integrity.

If smiles are contagious, then Bill Grace is a carrier. He’s funny, genuine, and knows how to enjoy life! He loves to run and he takes an extreme amount of pride in his yard, which is always spectacular. When the snow begins to fall, one can count on Bill to be making his way up and down the streets clearing sidewalks and driveways for others. His thoughtfulness is an impressive gift to the community.

Bill is a husband to Leslie, as well as a doting father and grandfather. His family has known it’s share of suffering, but Bill always plows ahead with a positive, can-do attitude during any kind of storm. He’s the kind of guy who somehow seems to be able to stand in its midst and remain steadfast. His family is truly blessed by him, and so are all who have spent any time near him. He’s one of the good guys, and those are folks worth celebrating!

Thank you, Bill, for your simple gift of joy and goodness to those around you. We could all stand to be inspired and share a little more of the same in our own little corner of the world! I think you make such a positive difference in the world and I wanted to say so…even if I am a day late! You, sir, are THE REAL DEAL! Here’s hoping your Mardi Gras 2019 was spectacular! #GeauxTigers

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