Mad for…Vincent

What a great favor God does to those he places in the company of good people. –St. Teresa of Avila

Super bowl Sunday seems like an appropriate day to toss the “Mad for” love out to New England! See this handsome young man in the yellow tie? He’s a junior at Boston College studying accounting. I’ve known this sports crazed, incredibly intelligent kid with the insane work ethic since he was a little guy, and he’s always been a clear reason I believe in the goodness of people. Meet Vincent Ferrucci. He’s a manager for the BC football team, a former Guerin Catholic Golden Eagle, and also a St. Louis de Montfort Cardinal for life!

A lifelong New England Patriots fan who grew up in Fishers, Indiana, Vinny was never afraid to swim against the current. He was the kid bowing his head in prayer when the others dug into their meal, forgetting themselves. He was the only young boy who ever spent the night who NEVER failed to clear his plate and take it to the sink. Wow, he took some ribbing over the years. Vin’s as loyal as the day is long, though, and that goes for his Pats and Red Sox just the same as it goes for his buddies. Vin truly has no idea how much of a blessing he is to those around him, or how genuinely thrilled I have always been that my oldest son calls this kid one of his very closest friends. This is true despite that year he was like 1 for 33 from the free throw line, by the way…ha? I think my Dad even sent him an article that season about learning to shoot the underhanded shot, but I digress. Vin took the teasing in stride, always wearing that grin on his face and owning a self-depracating sense of humor. He was a beast around the boards on the basketball court, and the best darn left-handed catcher around.

They say no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart, and that makes Vincent Ferrucci a truly beautiful human being. There were times along the journey when I noticed folks around him simply didn’t appreciate the treasure they had in Vin. The thing is, good people don’t have to say they are good people…it’s just on display and easy to spot. Light attracts light. If you tell me you don’t care for Vin, I’m going to tell you to look in the mirror because the problem is you. He’s honest, he’s articulate, and he’s friendly. If I’m honest? Mostly, I think this young man glorifies God by the way he walks through life. I’m thankful to the Lord that my three boys have had the chance to walk beside him and learn a little from his faithfulness, kindness and amazing work ethic.

Vin’s a passionate guy– he’s got a little Italian in the secret sauce. You can’t coach that and I for one always have LOVED IT! He’s also a guy who would never take advantage of another person, and he’s going to make you laugh as he helps you in your moment of need. If he passes through your life, you’ll want to hang on tight– he’s a keeper! Vin? Linemen win games. I still stand with Lombardi on that. You always blocked your heart out. I love you kid. I really do. Thank you for being a witness of what it means to be a man of integrity. Boy, does this world need you! As much as it hurts me, look what I’m about to do for you…


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