Mad for…Katie

Those whose hearts are pure are the temples of the Holy Spirit. –St. Lucy

It’s day 32 of 365 in my silly, sunny little “Mad for” series. Everyday, I want to introduce you to someone amazing who I really believe makes a positive difference in the world. Today, I’ll submit to you one Katie Carter. She’s posing her around Christmas with her two darling kiddos in this mildly fuzzy photo. She sent me this joyful image a few weeks ago to wish me a Merry Christmas, and it made my day. Katie is a teacher, and I’m confident she’s a darn good one. She’s kind, bright, and articulate.

Meeting Katie was a blessing and a surprise at the time it happened a few years ago. I was asked to walk beside her as she converted to the faith. It was my honor to be her sponsor and it forced me to attend my first ever Easter Vigil mass at OLMC. That was an experience I will never forget. Talk about beautiful liturgy. Whew! We keep in touch through occasional texts, and frankly our busy lives have prohibited much more in the most recent years. As life has brought Katie a few lemons, she’s asked for prayers and encouragement, which I’m truly glad to offer. She’s a fantastic human so that makes it easy.

Today, however, I got a different kind of text from Katie. She wanted to know how I was, she inquired if I was doing alright. Since we do not travel in the same circles and truly we know zero folks in common, she had NO WAY of knowing that I was literally sitting in a waiting room getting ready to undergo some testing that had me a little anxious. Therefore, her reaching out was certainly a gift to me from the Lord. It was instantly clear to me that the Holy Spirit chose Katie today to make that unusual inquiry. She was the tool Christ sent to make certain I knew that He is right beside me, with me always.

Also, I had my friend Karen with me. I’ve already told you about her (see day 26). Forget it. What is there to fear?

God is good. All the time. Thanks, Katie, for listening to that little voice. I know sometimes you feel like a mess, sister, but God doesn’t mind. He’s totally fine using you anyway. It’s a solid reminder for all of us who wonder about our own worthiness, who doubt our own goodness. The Lord loves you SO MUCH that He wants to use you as His vessel. Yes, that means you!! GOD BLESS KATIE!!

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