Mad for…Chris

It was the way you laughed…I knew I wanted that in my life. –R.M. Drake

For me, laughing is and I imagine will always be, the best form of therapy. On day 16 of my quest to feature 365 amazing people in 2019, I submit to you one Chris Schrader. I’ve had others complain about the photo I chose to run, but this is the first time I’ll own the accusation as fair. Next time I see you, Chris, the beer is on me.

Chris is the first cousin of my husband, Tom. He’s also the father to three pretty terrific grown children (Jacob, Marnie and Katie) and the husband to my tennis idol, Audie. I chose Chris today because I happened upon this photo which was taken I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE….but it made me laugh on an otherwise fairly dismal day.

Chris grins. He smiles. He is the very expression of friendliness toward all. I have yet to encounter this clown and not receive a big hug and his genuine grin. He’s this boisterous, entertaining kid at heart. He’s a clowning savant around whom everyone is welcome.

To me, Chris is grace filled for the way he can bring the spirit of laughter into a room. Several years ago, after a few beverages in South Haven, Michigan, I remember him saying, “Sometimes I try not to laugh at my own jokes but we all know I’m hilarious!” He just cackled and so did the rest of us. He’s a giver of joy and friendly to all.

I read today a quote by Victor Hugo that said, “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” I needed a scoop of that today, and I thought of you, Chris. I hope you’ll forgive me for the silly photo. It made my day, though, just like you always do when I encounter you.

THANK YOU for making the world a sunnier place.

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