Mad for…Gus

Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things! -Pope Francis

Gus Hartauer, AKA “Shot Doc”

Meet Gus Hartauer, otherwise known as “Shot Doc”. As you can see from his photo here, Gus digs black and gold. Unfortunately, this guy is a Hawkeye, so it’s not quite the right shade for us at the Thieme house. Based on my limited research, I have learned Gus received both his undergraduate degree and his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Iowa, though, so I’ll excuse it.

He sure sounds like a real smarty-pants based on that information, and I’m typically impressed by anyone with that kind of intellectual acumen. However, the real reason I wanted to offer this little shout out today is for the work Gus does with young people.

Gus has a talent for encouraging kids of all ages. His vehicle is the sport of basketball. He’s widely known as the “Shot Doc” for the workout sessions he has for young basketball players here in Hamilton County. He gives them many opportunities to learn something very important with his knowledge of the sport. He teaches them with his encouraging and positive demeanor that working hard pays off!

His consistent offering of time and talent for the benefit of young people is a terrific witness of what it means to serve others, too. I’d bet he doesn’t realize how many parents of his sharp shooters have noticed and truly appreciate his big heart. You see, Gus holds these workouts quite often and in a local parish gym. He makes very little if any money doing it. He’s always giving kids (who range in age from grade school through college) little prizes for their hard work. Our own 8th grader, Zach, seems particularly fond of the chocolate and he loves to take home a little something when he hits a half court shot too! The kids leave sweaty and smiling. What more could you want? My youngest son is quick to report on his successes and the little “atta boys” that he hears from Shot Doc. Do you know what else? He shows up for their games from time to time to give them a thumbs up, too, and let them know he is in their corner.

It means something to have someone believe you can– and say so!

Thanks, Gus, for reminding me how important it is to offer our time and our talent for the benefit of others. This community is better because of you and all you do for the kids! You, Shot Doc, are the real deal!

Want to know more about him? Follow Gus on Twitter @shotdoctorphd.

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