Mad for…Laine

“She’s an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.” Nicole Lyons

Laine Schwegman

Imaginative, musical, and engaging are three words that come to mind quickly when I think of this young lady. Meet Laine Schwegman! She’s a high school freshman who is mature beyond her years and simply more kind-hearted than most.

Laine is a talented musician with the most soulful, pleasing voice. She simply picks up a string instrument and seems to be playing almost any tune in short order, without any sheet music at all. Her guitar “jam sessions” with her Dad and Grandpa bring tears to my eyes. Love simply oozes out of her. She’s a fierce and gifted athlete too. I’ve watched her frustrate many batters with her accurate arm from the pitchers mound on the softball field. Those things all make her unique and special, but they aren’t the reasons I’ve chosen her today.

This young lady lives her life as a quiet and sometimes silly, yet faithful example to those around her…and WOW can we use as many folks like that as we can find. Am I right? Laine enjoys the little things, like whipping up a tasty recipe in the kitchen or goofing around with her brother, Ty. She seems to me to feel no need to be high maintenance. She’s empathetic and tries to understand from the perspective of others. These qualities make her a real life hero to her young cousins, Max and Lilah, with whom she is beautifully present…and to me! She has a gift with little ones, who are always such a good judge of authenticity.

Laine, thank you for always reminding me how important it is that we are true to ourselves. You are a light that glows brightly, sweet girl. Keep shining!

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