Mad for…Marshall


(Day 6 of 365)

For more years than I care to count, Marshall Scheper has been the good Samaritan of the St. Louis de Montfort CYO program.  There are few volunteer posts more thankless than that of GYM MANAGER at a Catholic parish.

Marshall is a fixture in the SLDM gym.  He’s set up and torn down more temporary bleachers than one can imagine.  He’s pushed a broom, calmed down referees, and kept toddlers with basketballs from unknowingly checking themselves into games they were a little too young to enter, cute as they are wandering in from the sidelines.  He’s had to handle some inappropriate fans and settle a few heated disputes, too.

More than that, he’s simply EVER PRESENT.  No matter the hour of day, if there’s a game at the SLDM gym, Marshall shows up to keep the ship afloat.  Do you know how many sporting events that means he’s seen?  Me neither…but it’s A LOT.  He doesn’t have kids playing in any of those games, folks.  He’s just giving his time for the sake of others.

Do you know what else the gym manager is in charge of handling?  Making sure every team gets practice time in the gym.  That includes grade school boys and girls basketball, high school teams, volleyball…even sometimes baseball, wrestling, and lacrosse.  Who am I forgetting?  Oh yes, there’s working around the school Christmas program, Art and Music events, Christmas and Easter masses, etc.   Did I mention there’s only ONE gym at SLDM?  That’s a lot of people arm wrestling for precious little time available.  Marshall takes all that on in service of many, because he is a self-sacrificing, kind, magnanimous soul.

Marshall to me can be described most aptly with the word selfless.

We could all stand to take a page out his playbook.  Thank you, Marshall, for all you do for the sake of the children and families of your parish.  YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL.

1 thought on “Mad for…Marshall

  1. Shelly, I look forward to reading this new project you have undertaken each day! Can’t wait to see who is up next!

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