Mad for…Edie


Day 2 of 365

Meet Edie.  She’s a proud mother of two daughters and a son, all grown, and she lives on the east side of Indianapolis in the Twin Aire neighborhood.  That’s where the new prison is being built, she tells me.  She also thinks a savvy investor would put a fast food place in near her home, since there are plenty of customers but no place to buy a quick sandwich.  Until recently, Edie had one grandchild.  Now, she suddenly has 3 with one on the way.  You see one of her children recently adopted two kiddos who needed a family, and her daughter who has been struggling to get pregnant announced at Christmas the joyous news that she and her husband are expecting.  What lucky little ones to have such a welcoming and lovely woman as a grandma!

I’ve been calling her “Evie” by mistake for years.  She cheerfully waved off my apology, but she figured I’d want to have it correct.  She’s right.

Edie manages the Classic Cleaner location on Hazel Dell Parkway at 131st near my home in north east Carmel.  Since my CPA husband goes through dress shirts pretty quickly, I see her quite often.  Here’s what makes Edie special.  She ALWAYS greets me with a smile.  She asks about my kids, who have occasionally stopped in with me over the years.  I’m not particularly notable as customers go.  It’s simply what Edie does with ALL HER CUSTOMERS.  Edie is unfailingly sunny, and incredibly friendly and kind.  She’s a pro at what she does, but a hero for who she is.

Thanks for making my neighborhood a little brighter everyday, Edie!

1 thought on “Mad for…Edie

  1. She is wonderful to our family as well ! ❤️

    Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. -Mother Teresa


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