Hello, Randolph Crescent Dr.

We dug up St. Joe...thanks for helping us sell the place!  NO SAINTS LEFT BEHIND!

We dug up St. Joe…thanks for helping us sell the place! NO SAINTS LEFT BEHIND!

“It’s been a good 12-year run” noted my succinct son Nick Fred.
Today, we begin the work of moving the boxes to a new address. I am sitting here in my stripped down house dripping wet and taking a break. There’s something cathartic and wonderful about a fresh start. Tons of sweaty work lies ahead, but I’m feeling enthusiasm.
My husband, however, seems to be struggling. Change stresses him out. Plus, he woke up this morning, the first day of our move, and he cannot feel his right hand. He injured his arm this week. Pain is never good– especially moving day! How are we going to do this when I can’t life anything? Is it the wrong lot? The wrong time? Did we make mistakes as we built? Is it too expensive? These are the questions I imagine in his mind.
He’s not alone, as I worry too. However, I just read a quote that sums up my feelings on the matter.
“Don’t worry about being worried. You’re headed out on an adventure and you can always change your mind along the way and try something else.” –Tracy Kidder
Friends and family are priceless at these moments. Vivian is checking in and praying for us, and that’s excellent because I’m pretty sure she has Jesus ‘s cell number and everything. Ange and Katie brought dinner. Lisa, Dawn, Chris and Ann are loaning us their sons strong backs this afternoon. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! My youngest son has moved to Camp Schwegman for the week (thanks Renee and Jeff!!) and my dear friend Julie has been listening to my fretting for weeks on end.
Did I mention that the Hounds 14U team is hosting a tourney this weekend and the Thieme family is the slacker crew not available to help at all? Our long time baseball friends on the team were gracious and understanding. Mom has packed endless boxes and helped me get the house on the market with her mad organizational genius. Both parents are coming for moral support and unboxing at the new place tomorrow. Grandpa Tom spent his entire day driving Nick to and from Cincinnati for ball games so we could attend to the move. My next door neighbor Shelley dragged 4 big rugs from the curb to keep them from being ruined when they arrived earlier than expected. Karen showed up at my door with her headband and work clothes on ready to help me box up my life. The Kiffs hooked us up with both a realtor and an insurance man we dig and didn’t even act like they were bugged when we forgot their son’s graduation gift.
What I am trying to say is…………….WE ARE BLESSED BEYOND WORDS!
So, it’s a short entry today. I’m placing it in God’s hands and letting Him do with our next adventure as He wishes. I’m hoping He’ll choose to use us and our beautiful new place as a safe and positive environment for the our three crazy boys and their friends, for immediate and extended family gatherings, and for always remembering to be grateful to Him for it all.

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