The Knee Brace

Meandering across the church parking lot waiting for kids to come out of school, I ran into another carpool mom, a woman with whom I am familiar, but we are not close friends. Oh gosh! What happened to your knee? Are you… Read More

If you think I’m bad with God…

If you think I’m bad with God, imagine me without him. – Evelyn Waugh FOR THE BRAVE ONLY:  MY LENTEN MANIFESTO The durges of the day hung in my head. These 40 days of Lent, O Lord, with you we fast and… Read More

Top 10 Attributes of Joyful People

…and the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit. (ACTS 13:52) “Joy is the unmistakable work of the Holy Spirit.” That’s the quote I heard this morning at church spoken by a perky, bright gal named Denise. It… Read More

How Can We Know the Way?

Spring Break 2014 is looking good so far. Two of my three favorite young men are home lounging with me and yesterday we were greeted with a lovely sighting. Grandma Kate and Grandpa Jim brought us some special visitors from Chicago. A… Read More

43 Things

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you’? –William Arthur Ward “You know you round up to 45 now? And 45 rounds up to 50. So basically, you are 50, Shelly!” Then, gleeful… Read More

I’m Fat and it IS Tuesday

“Global warming, my ass!”  This is the response a friend sent when I shared the following tweet from our local ABC affiliate, WRTV:“@rtv6:  Record low for Indianapolis tomorrow is 2 degrees set in 1873.  That record is very much in jeopardy.”Another pal texted,… Read More


My friend Kit Kleck is rather an inspired mom, if you ask me.  She’s a common sense organizer type.  It would be a piece of cake to give you multiple examples of her simple genius, but my favorite today is this quarterly… Read More

Lent: A Little Morbid?

Yesterday, I was chatting it up with the CVS store clerk as I waited for the pharmacist.  I remarked about her truly cute haircut and bemoaned my own overly gray “situation”.  The sweet young gal said “Nobody will even notice your bad… Read More