Shelly Thieme is a writer from Carmel, Indiana, a self-professed “Jesus girl” and a cradle Catholic who spent 10 years as a corporate communications director before deciding to stay at home with her children.  She and her husband, Tom, have 3 boys– 2 are recent college grads. The oldest, Nick, lives in Cincy and works in finance. Drew has one year of grad school remaining at Purdue. The baby, Zach, is a high school junior at Guerin Catholic in Noblesville, IN. You can follow her on Twitter @shellythieme or at

5 thoughts on “Author

  1. Love Kris! She was my Christ Renews sister. Thank you for writing this. I think I needed to hear this today. Big things happening with my work and was told to prepare for negativity.

  2. Thank you Shelly for your kind words!
    You are thoughtful, loving, prayerful & have a giving ❤️.
    I am convinced God is watching over you! You give of your time to others plus encouragement & love to many. God bless you❣️Mary Banta

  3. Thank you so much for “seeing” our girl! She truly has been the sunshine in our family. We also had no idea managing the tennis team was such a big job!!

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