Mad for…Val

I love funny people and when I’m with funny people, or people who are amusing in their weirdness, I love it. Because that to me is funny as opposed to someone who stops and says, “Hey let me tell you a joke.” (Paul Feig)

This week, I noticed a talented friend of mine was featured in Indy Maven’s best local holiday gift ideas. If you’re so inclined, check out the link and all the talented local artisans at and pay particular attention to Val Campbell and her Cosmic Leather line. I don’t have the waist pack Indy Maven liked, but I do have her leather cross body bag and it’s just spectacular– a very high quality piece

Creative, gifted, and very funny, Val is the mother of three boys and the wife of a handsome guy named Matt. She’s incredibly beautiful, as you can clearly see from the photo I stole off her Facebook page. She will definitely prefer it to the only photo I found of her on my phone from an old baseball tourney. In that photo (which I just deleted) we all look like we have been ridden hard and put away wet, as the saying goes, ha?! I met her when my son Zach played baseball with her son, Ethan. There were multiple perks to having a son on the same team as one of the Campbell boys. First of all, Val always took the hats and embroidered the boys names or numbers on them. It was totally cool! Also? Sitting on the sidelines of any baseball game with Val means you are in for a good time. A master of sarcasm, she’s just plain fun, the kind of girl who makes me giggle without really trying much at all. Everything about Val is genuine. The thing is, you can joke with her and then sort of also solve the worlds problems with a deeper conversation when you’re around Val. She’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

A Indy area native, I am fairly certain Val attended Lawrence Central High School. I’d be willing to bet all her old friends still think of her and how their faces hurt from smiling when she’s around. My youngest, Z, gave up the sport of baseball, but I know that’s definitely how I feel about my old baseball mom friend even though I haven’t seen her in person in quite a while.

Val Campbell is without a doubt a loving, attentive, and supportive mother as well as a sunny and pleasant human. She’s friendly and welcoming to others– and her smile is contagious. She’s got a silly streak and also, apparently, she’s a badass entrepreneur on the rise! When I saw her featured this week in the local holiday gift guide, I was incredibly happy for her because I just love it when outstanding things happen for integrity-filled people like Val!

I wish you much continued success in all you do my friend, as well as a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your guys!! With you in this crazy world, the place is just a happier place more filled with laughter, and I am grateful that our good and gracious God gave me a chance to get to know you! God Bless all the Campbells!