Mad for…Julie

It takes courage to live through suffering; and it takes honesty to observe it. (C.S. Lewis)

Unceasingly wet. That’s what yesterday was like in my hometown. Tom and I brought Zach along and headed to Ross-Ade Stadium all the same to suffer through an ugly day with our Boilermakers. We were dressed like the Gordon’s Fisherman for the occasion. I’ll be honest, in the third quarter when my hands turned to ice cubes, I was not sure they would ever properly thaw. Our team had very little fire in the belly and I am considering sending a bill for my rain gear to the athletic department at Purdue, ha? However, the day had a pretty fantastic turnaround when an old high school friend showed up for a visit!

Tom and I with Julie!

Julie Tiller and I were high school friends. She only attended Central Catholic for a short time, but the affection I have for her has endured. She still sports the same beautiful blond hair and aside from perhaps her mother, I don’t know that I have ever known anyone as authentic. I value genuine people who are not driven by ego, money or status. Julie has an honest heart and there is simply not one fake thing about her. It’s a defining quality for sure!!

As we caught up with Julie and she shared updates on her family, her compassionate heart came through for me loud and clear. She shared rather poignantly about both the joy and difficulty of watching a Purdue Football game from the press box full of pictures and memories of her Dad, Joe, who she lost fairly recently. I loved her honest telling of how she got off that elevator and inadvertently made a strangers eyes well up because she couldn’t hide her own emotions. Grief is a price we pay for love.

Julie lives in Buffalo, Wyoming. That’s not a place anyone should live who is faint of heart, and my funny friend is certainly far from that! She’s stubborn, spiritual, intelligent…and witty. A natural story teller and a loving soul who cares deeply, Julie hasn’t had the smoothest run these last couple years. Nevertheless, she’s running her race and moving forward.

Julie, thanks for gracing Mom’s kitchen table last night with your glorious smile and your stories about bins full of socks and barns crammed with antiques. We loved hearing about Renee’s place, Piezano’s…and I hope one day to get a slice of that unorthodox meat lovers pizza that still has my mouth watering!! Don’t be a stranger my friend. You are a fantastic human!! Hugs and love to you and all the Tillers! ❤️

P.S. If I ever run into a tiny violin, don’t be surprised if you receive a special delivery in the mail from Indiana. Hahaha!!