Mad for…Dianne

You ask me whether I am in good spirits. How could I not be so? As long as faith gives me strength I will always be joyful! (Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati)

Kindhearted, amusing and cheerful are the first three words I would use to describe my new friend, Dianne Modleski. She’s pictured at the far left in the above photo. She’s an upbeat, joyful mom of two sons and the wife of a pretty terrific guy named Matt. I met Dianne shortly after my son, Zach, started playing baseball with a great group of mostly Our Lady of Mt. Carmel boys a couple of years ago. Quickly, I learned that she’s the owner of both a witty and self-deprecating sense of humor as well as a very welcoming heart! She went out of her way to be friendly to Tom and I when our family landed on the scene. Sure, this may seem like it’s an easy thing to do– smile and chat to draw in the new people– but it’s often surprising how few people see, understand, and apply themselves to that most Christian of tasks. I adore welcoming souls like Dianne!!

This morning, as I was sitting at the McDonalds on SR 32 in Westfield drinking an iced tea and killing time while Zach had his second golf lesson with a very encouraging young golf pro at nearby Pebble Brooke Golf Course, I thought to myself how grateful I was for my friend Dianne. She has unwittingly assumed the role of “golf mom mentor” in my life. You see, the Z-man has decided he is crazy about golf and he wants to try and work on his game. I am thrilled to see his passion and desire to dig in, so I reached out for an assist. Dianne’s son Keaton was a HS golf state finalist this year on the GC team, and her younger son Jake is a pretty solid golfer who will try and take over where his brother left off when he joins the Golden Eagles on the links next spring. I think I waited a total of about 3 minutes before Dianne thoughtfully replied with several suggestions that might be helpful…including the name of our new friend, Brandon Smart, the golf pro I mentioned.

The Modleski’s are a faith-filled family, and Dianne’s love of Christ definitely shows by the way she has leaned in and trusted the Lord in both good times and much more challenging moments of her life, as well as in the way she loves her boys and Matt. Her joyful witness of faith has made a significant impact on me, and I have only known her for a fairly short time. My gratitude for the sharing about her life she has gifted me with is significant. Sometimes, people don’t realize how much impact their witness has on those around them, and I suspect Dianne is one of those folks who underestimates the positive difference she makes for in the lives of others.

Dianne and Matt live on a beautiful piece of property just north of SR 32 that we have had the chance to enjoy a few times now. We’re way overdue to reciprocate, by the way! In the meantime, I wanted to simply take a moment to tell you, Dianne, that you are a giant scoop of awesome sauce! I truly believe the Lord sent you in my direction to help me remember, by your example, how important it is to be welcoming as well as grateful and filled with joy for all the blessings God gives us each day! I hope you have a terrific 4th of July week, filled with laughter and smiles!!