Mad for…Katie

From Mary we learn to surrender to God’s will in all things. From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone. From Mary we learn to love Christ her son and the son of God. –St. (Pope) John Paul II

If ever you feel worried about the next generation of children and parents, I’ve got someone I need to introduce to you. Meet Katie (Zimmerman) Wilson. Katie and her husband Bryan have two sweet little guys…and one more on the way! Katie is a joyful and prayerful soul who loves Our Blessed Mother, so I’ve decided today is a great day to celebrate a just a few of the things that make her awesome!

Motherhood is definitely a vocation that can help to purify the soul, but I’ll be honest, I think this young mom already has a glorious soul. I’ve known her since she was a very young woman. A few times she even babysat my little guys many years back, and I remember her with her books in her lap when we got home. She was trying to learn Portuguese for her mission trip(s) to Brazil. This is a woman filled with grace who has always had the joyful heart of a servant-leader. I suspect that the little people in her life now who undoubtedly wreck a path through her house leaving dirt and smashed goldfish crackers in their wake don’t rattle her much. Katie is a holy woman of God who knows she’s beloved. She’s a calm, cool and collected version of fantastic! That’s about the best news possible for her children, because a momma who smiles through life, loves Jesus and has a devotion to the gal with the bat phone— His Most Holy Mother— well that’s about the best kind of mom I can imagine.

This past winter when I was initially diagnosed with lung cancer, I had a long talk with Katie’s mom, Tina. Tina and I are longtime friends and she was eager to assure me of her prayers and those being offered by Katie too. Each time we chatted during those weeks, Tina would make sure to share with me that those prayers were continuing to be offered up. How humbling and beautiful those prayers felt to me, I can’t even express adequately. Thank you for the kindness, Katie.

Katie is deeply involved in her parish where she has served on the parish council and helped to organize the “Mary’s Way” dinner, among other things. She’s served countless young people of limited resources over the years with the after school program she started in Brazil. I’ve lost track of how many trips she spent down there doing the Lord’s work.

We all have different paths to holiness in life, and hopefully Katie knows the truth and beauty of motherhood is a pretty fantastic way to spend her time and energy. It’s an awesome thing we’ve got Mary on our side, huh, Katie? Sometimes being a mom is exhausting and aggravating….but we always have recourse to Our Blessed Mother. This is a truth of our shared faith that I feel confident Katie Wilson knows all about. You see, she’s got one of the the best moms on the planet herself who showed her the ropes and showers her still with love.

Katie, I admire your smile, your joyfulness and your obvious devotion to the Lord. You are a stunningly terrific human being. Seeing a young family as vibrant and amazing as yours gives me so much hope for the future! Its my turn to pray for you, your health, a safe delivery and a beautiful new baby Wilson. God Bless You, Katie!!

Mad for…Deedy

There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a great one. –Jill Churchill

As the month of May progresses, I find myself looking around my life and appreciating all the terrific moms that surround me. Today, as I think about our Blessed Mother and how thankful I am for her intercession on our behalf, I find myself wanting to share with you a little about a stunningly beautiful mom of four named Deedy.

Sunny, generous and incredibly kind, Deedy is the wife of a talented and very bright guy named Ted, but everyone I know calls him “Doc.” Her children are Luke, Matt, Jake and Olivia. Each one of those four kiddos are more charming, athletic and talented than the last. Just like their mother, they have beautiful smiles. What’s even more special is that they clearly care a great deal about one another– and are stunningly supportive of each other as well. Good parenting? I’d say “heck yes!”

Deedy was my first high school team mom mentor. I asked her every dumb question about handling high school kids, senior nights, end of year banquets and she helped me along patiently and laughed at me only a little. She’s unbelievably selfless and truly gracious with her time and energy. Going completely out of her way for the benefit of other people’s children is just the way she rolls. She’s nurturing to every child she meets. So thoughtful is Deedy that even if she’s upset, she’ll likely never let on. Her positivity and enthusiasm is second to none!

Deedy, I admire so much about you, but most of all I admire the kind of supportive mom you are to those four beautiful young people! Their love for one another makes my heart happy as an outside observer. Your faithful heart, grace and joyfulness inspires me to work on the same in my own life!