Mad for…Kristy

Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. -Mother Teresa

Kristy Worthington, left, with her beautiful daughter, Reese.

Day 20 of 365.

Hearing her name makes me instantly grin. Meet Kristy Worthington. She’s the quintessential smiler. Bright, effervescent, and brimming with positivity, Kristy is one of the most cheerful people I have ever known. You leave even the briefest moment with her better for the encounter.

As a grade school teacher, she’s good-natured on her worst days, and hilarious on her best. We call the year with Mrs. Worthington the “white fluffy cloud” experience. If your child comes home from school complaining about this teacher, then that’s a kid who…. must be coming down with the flu? She’s a phenomenally talented educator who has won many awards for the same. She’s a rock star at what she does every day with children. That’s not why I chose her today.

Kristy is an authentic example of what it means to model goodness. She chooses optimism and carries herself in such a buoyant way that others leave her presence lighter on their feet as well. Kristy can also bust a move. Her lip sync numbers are my personal favorite. She posted one today, performed with her travel partner (daughter, Reese) and it’s what made me think to choose her. She’s the most loving and fun mom, that’s easy to see, even from a distance. She’s sanguine, upbeat and sunny side up…even when the world delivers into her life truly difficult moments.

I have watched from a nearby perch as she set aside her own heavy and melancholy heart to hug, smile, and console others who she instinctively knew were in desperate need of a scoop of Mrs. Worthington’s sunshine. She’s a gift to all who know and love her. It seems to me she’s a terrific example of being grateful no matter what.

How blessed are her three children and her handsome husband, Joel? I hope they know.

Kristy? You are the barometer I use to identify positivity in others. Thank you for your example and for your beautiful, faith-filled and sunny heart. I am SO MUCH BETTER for having the chance to know you.