Month: October 2013

It’s Up to You- No More Than Two

“It’s up to you, no more than two.” In an apparent attempt to “educate” the students entrusted to their care, the powers that be at Northview High School (right here in Indiana….Brazil, Indiana to be exact) have posted this banner.  The title… Read More

Religious Persecution: Let’s NOT?

RESOLVED: That the guarantee of the rights of conscience, as found in our Constitution, is most sacred and inviolable, and one that belongs no less to the Catholic, than to the Protestant; and that all attempts to abridge or interfere with these… Read More

Do You Smile Like a Stewardess?

“Do you smile like a stewardess? “  –Pope Francis Sweatshirt weather, colorful leaves, apple cider, and college football are some of the reasons I love this time of the year.  There is also a treasure trove of feast days of many of… Read More