Month: March 2013

The Snow Storm Birthday

Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.  –Carl Sandberg Yesterday, we set a record here in Central Indiana.  According to WTHR, our NBC affiliate, it was the largest snowfall ever recorded in… Read More

Pope Francis I

POPE FRANCIS?  Wow! A friend who knows how much affection I have for all things Franciscan sent me a text message when our new leader’s name was announced.  It affected me so instantly and deeply.    NBC News shortly thereafter followed by… Read More

On Pope Alarms, Adopted Cardinals and the Secret of Happiness

Well, I’ve adopted my cardinal.  I’m following @PapalSmokeStack on Twitter, and I’ve signed up for the “Pope Alarm”.  I mean, it’s time to rock and roll on this whole matter of the conclave, right?  I mean no disrespect to the men in… Read More

A Passion for Purple: GCHS

Two trimesters into our family’s likely 30 trimester experience at Guerin Catholic High School, I am feeling grateful to God and therefore I am compelled this day to share 10 things I love about this high school. 1. The first all school mass… Read More