Month: February 2013


My friend Kit Kleck is rather an inspired mom, if you ask me.  She’s a common sense organizer type.  It would be a piece of cake to give you multiple examples of her simple genius, but my favorite today is this quarterly… Read More

Lent: A Little Morbid?

Yesterday, I was chatting it up with the CVS store clerk as I waited for the pharmacist.  I remarked about her truly cute haircut and bemoaned my own overly gray “situation”.  The sweet young gal said “Nobody will even notice your bad… Read More

News Flash: God is NOT a Bully

“Souls do not wish to be bullied, but gently brought back; such is the nature of man.”  –St.  Francis de Sales After carpool dropoff this morning, I made a trek to Northside Radiology.  Being an expert, I had worn the sports bra… Read More