Month: September 2012

Mother of Mercy

I’m gonna be honest.  Right now, I have forced myself into this chair to type hoping it will calm me down.  My heart is racing, my hands trembling; my mind is spinning out of control.  This has been quite a week.  At… Read More

Culture of Death?

Let me get this straight.  A teenage girl in New York City cannot purchase a large coke, but she can get a Plan B “Morning After Pill” without parental consent at school?

Daily Mass for a Jesus Girl

My friend Katie called me a “Jesus girl”.  It took me by surprise when she said it, but I admit that it instantly made me smile.  First of all, I just turned 40, and my oldest of three sons is a teenager, so… Read More

What’s in a Name?

NULA.  It’s a name that stands on its own, her son eulogized this week.  Think “Cher” or “Beyonce”.  Her son, Joe, couldn’t have been more accurate in his description of his larger than life mother during her funeral mass Monday afternoon.  She… Read More